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Teachers' Day 2010

The Teachers' Day celebration was held on a grand scale on 17 May 2010. It was a historical event as it was officiated by the State Assembly Woman of Tualang Sekah, The Honourable Norli Ashilin bt Dato Mohd Radhi. She turned up early that morning in support of the day and to show her appreciation and concern to celebrate the event with the teachers of Sekolah Kebangsaan Tualang Sekah. Thus, it shows her commitment and credibility as the people's representative. Her presence brought hope and inspiratin to the community towards achieving the goals and to excel in every field.
During her 3 hours visit, she cordially presented a cake to the teachers. In her speech, she congratulated the teachers for their efforts and dedication to the school. Beside officiating the event, she also conveyed the Chief Minister's message to all the teachers. She also hopes to continue her father's effort who had always cared and monitored the progress of the school during his tenancy as the State Assemblyman.
The ceremony came to an end with the presentation of souvenirs by the Headmaster, Mr Amir Abdul Rahman b Mior Hamzah.

Events, such as games and competition were held to add colours and fun to the celebration. The students were given the opportunity to wish the teachers and to present them with flowers and tokens of apreciation.

Games and competitions among teachers and students in progress

Prize giving ceremony marked the end of the celebration